april 2007

21/04/07: Back on the Royal Scotsman, 47854 at Inverkeilor working 1H79, the 1321 from Edinburgh to Keith.
Photo Copyright: Jamie McEwen

25/04/07: 47818 passes Dringhouses near York working 5Z19 1500 Wilton-Derby.
Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

28/04/07: 47847 and 47815 at Ladywood on 1Z30 0555 Minehead-York.
Photo Copyright: Steve Tucker

28/04/07: 47847 and 47815 again, at Croft at 1348.
Photo Copyright: Andy Galpin

28/04/07: 47847 and 47815 after arrival at York.
Photo Copyright: Simon Travers

28/04/07: 47847 and 47815 at Copmanthorpe on the return, 1Z32 1705 York-Minehead.
Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

28/04/07: D1705/47117 at Quorn.
Photo Copyright: Brian Battersby

28/04/07: 47851 working 1Z79 0638 Skipton-Bath Spa, at Bredicot...
Photo Copyright: Steve Tucker

28/04/07: ...and 47245 on the rear.
Photo Copyright: Steve Tucker

28/04/07: 47375 at Barrow Hill.
Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

28/04/07: 47839 worked 1Z82 Tonbridge to York, 47805 (above) was on the rear after arrival at York.
Photo Copyright: Simon Travers

28/04/07: 47839 then stabled next to 47237 in the sidings by the station, 47805 stayed with its set in Holgate sidings.
Photo Copyright: Simon Travers

29/04/07: 47117 'Sparrowhawk' at the Great Central Railway.
Photo Copyright: Ian Hodge

30/04/07: 47830 at Clapham Junction working 5Z18 1118 Wolverton-Selhurst.
Photo Copyright: John Glover

30/04/07: 47854 at Arbroath on 1H79.
Photo Copyright: Richard Birse

30/04/07: 47854 at Newton sand pits, again on 1H79.
Photo Copyright: Jamie McEwen

_ Monday 30/04/07 _

allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245 + 47851=5Zxx (0543) Keighley-Carnforth(851?).
  • 47802=5Z59 1015 Preston-Old Oak Common.
  • 47813=1P09 0625 Norwich-Liverpool Street/ 5P02 Liverpool Street-Norwich (hauling a failed set).
  • 47815 + 47847=5Z33 Minehead-Crewe(847+815 in multi).
  • 47830=5Z18 1118 Wolverton-Selhurst.
  • 47839=0Z66 Euston Downside Sidings-Long Marston/ 6Z66 Long Marston-Crewe Gresty Lane.
  • 47840=0Z47 1130 Old Oak Common-Loughborough.
  • 47854=1H79 1321 Edinburgh-Keith.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47245/826(OOS)/851=Carnforth. 47830=Rugby south bay(0715/see above/1815). 47854=Bo'ness.


  • 47840 has movd to Loughborough for its repaint into two tone green as D1661. Its next run will be the May 28th tour, from Derby-Minehead where 840 will then remain on the West Somerset Railway.

    Photo Copyright: Andrew Cameron

    21/04/07: 47851 stands at Great Yarmouth.
    Photo Copyright: AK

    21/04/07: 47805 and 47839 on the rear of 5Z44 1634 Heaton Carriage Sidings to Durham.
    Photo Copyright: Brian Sherrington

    21/04/07: 47812 and 47853 at Salisbury.
    Photo Copyright: Andrew Cameron

    21/04/07: 47812 at Salisbury.
    Photo Copyright: Andrew Cameron

    21/04/07: 47812 at Salisbury.
    Photo Copyright: Richard Boyd

    22/04/07: 47401 (and D182) at Ironville.
    Photo Copyright: Richard Ward

    22/04/07: A clag shot of 47401.
    Photo Copyright: Richard Ward

    25/04/07: 47245 stabled at Clapham Junction.
    Photo Copyright: John Glover

    25/04/07: 47851 passes through Millom on the Carnforth to Carlisle leg of 1Z41 0613 Peterborough-Carlisle.
    Photo Copyright: 47703

    26/04/07: 47818 hauling 5Zxx, from Derby??? to Long Marston.
    Photo Copyright: John Glover

    26/04/07: 47830 passes light engine west through Water Orton.
    Photo Copyright: John Glover

    26/04/07: 47812 on a Crewe-bound light move at Willington Junction.
    Photo Copyright: Mark Birkin

    28/04/07: Two views of 47847 and 47815 at Elford.
    Two Photo's Copyright: D.Wetherall

    28/04/07: 47847 and 47815 climb the Lickey (with 815 not doing anything much at this point) on the outward leg of the charter from Minehead to York.
    Photo Copyright: Sharpo

    28/04/07: 47847 and 47815 at Mexborough.
    Photo Copyright: David Cooper

    28/04/07: 47847 and 47815 at Beighton Junction.
    Photo Copyright: Crumb

    28/04/07: 47245 at Sheffield on the return of the charter to Skipton.
    Photo Copyright: David Hall

    28/04/07: 47802 and 47854 at Newport.
    Photo Copyright: AK

    28/04/07: 47851 arrives at Meadowhall on the Green Express Skipton to Bath charter.
    Photo Copyright: Crumb

    28/04/07: 47245 on the rear of the charter at Meadowhall.
    Photo Copyright: Crumb

    28/04/07: 47851.
    Photo Copyright: Sharpo

    28/04/07: 47854 and 47802 at Newport. They were attached to a carriage waiting for a return north seperate from the railtour, which was hauled back by a steam loco.
    Photo Copyright: AK

    28/04/07: 47117 at Quorn.
    Photo Copyright: D.Wetherall

    28/04/07: 47117 at Rothley.
    Photo Copyright: D.Wetherall

    30/04/07: 47802 spent Sunday and Monday morning stabled at Preston with the stock from a steam charter which it hauled the outward section of on Saturday.
    Photo Copyright: Shaun C

    30/04/07: 47802 again at Preston, seen from a passing train at 10am prior to being run round its train to head south to London ECS.
    Photo Copyright: Shaun C

    thanks for todays news to:

    47829, D1010, Richard Birse, John Glover, Phil Gosling, John M, Steve Rogers, Peter Tandy.

    _ Sunday 29/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47117=Grand Central Railway gala.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • The 1Z83 1602 York-Tonbridge which was intended to go via the Midland main line yesterday is believed to have not come back via the MML, going via Tamworth - Water Orton - Landor Street Jn - St Andrews Jct - Tyseley - Dorridge - Banbury - Oxford - Reading - Slough - Kensington Olympia and Tonbridge. Any confirmation of this route appreciated.
  • Weekend photo's and recent ones that I haven't used will be added on Monday afternoon/evening.

    thanks for todays news to:

    Crumb, Hodgeye.

    _ Saturday 28/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245 + 47851=1Z79 0638 Skipton-Bath Spa(851,worked throughout but with 245 assisting on the rear from just south of Wombwell to Derby then on the Camp Hill line (Birmingham) through to Bath)/ 1Z80 1725 Bath Spa-Skipton(245).
  • 47643=1200 Bo'ness-Birkhill/ 1223 Birkhill-Bo'ness/ 1430 Bo'ness-Birkhill/ 1453 Birkhill-Bo'ness (latter trip was vice 26010/024)
  • 47802 + 47854=1Z58 0810 Manchester Victoria-Newport(802, 854 dead in tow).
  • 47805 + 47839=1Z82 0612 Tonbridge-York via ECML(839, 805 on rear)/ 1Z83 1602 York-Tonbridge.
  • 47815 + 47847=1Z30 0555 Minehead-York(847+815 in multi***)/ 1Z32 1705 York-Minehead(847+815 multi).

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • *** = 47815 was not working between Worcester Shrub Hill and Landore Street, at the latter point the driver had fixed the multi problem and the pair worked together again.

    thanks for todays news to:

    Big Bird, Crumb, Jeff47600, Andy Galpin, Andrew Haill, AK, John M.

    _ Friday 27/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47815/847=Bristol Parkway(departed for Minehead at 1512). 47854=CreweLNWR(empties FROM (not TO,sorry) Old Oak?).


    thanks for todays news to:

    Mike43146, Mike Stone.

    _ Thursday 26/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47237=0Z47 York-Carlisle.
  • 47245=light Old Oak Common-Carnforth, arr 1730.
  • 47812=seen light engine heading from Derby??? towards Crewe, at Willington this morning.
  • 47815 + 47847 t'n't=5Z47 1200 Crewe LNWR-Old Oak Common(815?)/ 0Zxx Old Oak Common-Maindee Refuge Siding.
  • 47818=5Zxx ???-Long Marston, west through Water Orton at 1001.
  • 47830=light west through Water Orton at 1515.
  • 47840=??? ECS move.
  • 47854=light south through Preston at 1010, Crewe 1119.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • Full timings for this weekends class 47 hauled tours are provided (with many thanks to Crumb for the info) - click here to see them.
  • DRS 47802 may be partnering WCRC 47854 for the 1Z58 0810 Manchester Victoria-Newport on Saturday morning (top'n'tail), the return working is a steam loco - so only one of these 47's will work in passenger service.
  • SECO Rail 47635 will be attending the Swanage Raiway gala on Fri/Sat/Sunday 11-13th May and should be in use on all three days!
  • 47815 and 47847 are expected to work the following over the weekend; tomorrow (Friday):
    light engine Maindee Refuge Siding-Minehead
    1Z30 0555 Minehead-York/ 5Z31 1313 York-York via Newcastle/ 1Z32 1705 York-Minehead.
    5Z33 0759 Minehead-Bo'ness
    0Z33 1142 Bo'ness-Crewe LNWR
  • Wednesday 25/04/07 workings
    47245=5Z82 0550 CreweLNWR-London Victoria/ 0Z82 1125 Victoria-Clapham Jct/ left Clapham Jct at 1800.
    47769=0Z47 1412 CreweLNWR-Cardiff Canton.
    47810=5Z50 1120 Gloucester-East Ham.
    47812=5Z01 0535 East Ham-Cricklewood/ 2Z01 0947 Cricklewood-Finsbury Park via Sheffield and Claypole).
    47818=0Z19 1135 Doncaster-Wilton Works/ 5Z19 1500 Wilton-Derby.
    47840=5Z77 1245 Old Oak Common-St Philips Marsh.
    47851=1Z41 0613 Peterborough-Carlisle from Carnforth Up&Down Goods Loop-Carlisle via Barrow and Workington.
  • Tuesday 24/04/07 workings
    47245=5Z82 (1930) Carnforth-Crewe (with nine coaches from ex-FM/Mid Hants 'Green Train').

    thanks for todays news to:

    47559, 47703, Buschcutta, Mark Birkin, AN, DBT, Leeds Chicken, John Glover, Phil Precious, Steve Parkes, Mike Stone, Keith Webber. On Rail-gen: James Power, Peter Tandy.

    _ Monday 23/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47237=4Z47 0205 Haverton Hill-Crewe/ 0Z48 0745 Crewe-York.
  • 47245=0Z47 0910 Derby-Carnforth.
  • 47703=0Z30 1120 Doncaster-Peterborough.
  • 47805 + 47839=5Z46 1058 East Ham-Old Oak Common(loco?).
  • 47818=0F03 0451 Norwich Crown Point-Colchester.
  • 47851 + 57601=5Z24 Castleton East-Carnforth (loco?).
  • 47854=5Z60 0945 Derby-Old Oak Common.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • 47829 has indeed moved to Gresty Lane sidings, and was seen there on Saturday.
  • 47401 did run on Saturday, it ran the latter of the two intended workings.
  • 47237 may have worked 0Z47 1100 York-Haverton Hill, it apparently is stabled at York to work this route learner on a Monday.

    thanks for todays news to:

    John Binch, Dave Earwaker, Gary Price, RW, Keith Webber.

    _ Sunday 22/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47401=1405 and 1625 departures from Butterley.
  • 47596=1015/ 1300/ 1515 departures from Dereham, and returns.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • 47401 did not run at the Midland Railway Centre on Saturday because of a temporary fault. It may run today (Sunday).
  • Can anyone confirm that 47829 has moved away from Crewe DMD? wnxx.com reports it has moved to Crewe Gresty Lane, whilst this may be true on TOPS I am sure I saw it at Crewe DMD last week whilst TOPS claimed it was at Gresty Lane - it may have moved to Gresty Lane later in the week.
    09/04/07: 47805 taking Pullman passengers home after a weekend in Scotland - seen at Dringhouses near York, where 805 had just replaced 37229 and 47802 which had worked this 1Z19 from Inverness.
    Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

    09/04/07: 47826 at Beattock after its railtour incident on the 7th. It was rescued on the 10th or 11th by a steam loco which was returning from Scotland to Carnforth (when did a steam loco last rescue a 47...?)
    Photo Copyright: Steve Parkes

    09/04/07: Some views of 47237 at York.
    Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

    17/04/07: Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

    18/04/07: Photo Copyright: 47559

    16/04/07: 47851 at LlanfairPG hauls the Green Express ECS home from Holyhead.
    Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

    17/04/07: 47810 passes Basingstoke light engine on 0F69.
    Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

    17/04/07: It later returned on 0F80.
    Photo Copyright: Dave Earwaker

    19/04/07: 47703 leads 43128 and 47810 at Abbotswood going to Loughborough.
    Photo Copyright: Steve Tucker

    21/04/07: 47851 arrives at Brighouse on the way to Great Yarmouth. On the subject of Great Yarmouth, there are once again class 47 hauled services to Great Yarmouth on summer Saturdays this year, in a similar fashion to last years services.
    Photo Copyright: Mick Hirst

    17/04/07: 47854 at Newport with an observation saloon, heading east.
    Photo Copyright: Paul Smith

    18/04/07: 47854, on its way to Carnforth, stopped at Barrow Hill to collect 47488 - which hadn't left Barrow Hill since it worked the one and only Garsdale Railtour of November 2003. 854 appears to have an emergency headlight attached to its front, photo taken at Willington.
    Photo Copyright: Mark Birkin

    18/04/07: 47488, same details as above.
    Photo Copyright: Mark Birkin

    19/04/07: The following day, 47854 hauls 47245 south at Rugby to Old Oak Common.
    Photo Copyright: Jack Mills

    19/04/07: 47245, with 47854.
    Photo Copyright: Jack Mills

    18/04/03: Four years ago, 47798 stands at Holyhead before working 1K73 1549 Holyhead-Crewe. Engineering work was affecting proceedings on this day, all the following workings ran only between Crewe and Holyhead - 798 had already worked 1G76 0140 Holyhead-Birmingham, 1D57 0522 return, 1G96 0852 Holyhead-Birmingham and 1D71 1221 Birmingham to Holyhead and would later work 1D81 1818 Crewe-Chester and then ECS to Holyhead. On the same day working for First North Western were 47734 which had 47770 dead in tow on 1H44 0633 Bangor to Manchester, 47789 worked 1G95 0648 Holyhead-BNS/ 1D67 1021 BNS-Holyhead/ 1G11 1400 Holyhead-BNS/ 1D82 1721 BNS-Holyhead. 47770 later worked 1D45 1719 Manchester-Holyhead alone.
    Photo Copyright: Richard Boyd

    thanks for todays news to:

    Martian, Spin, RW.

    21/04/07: 47853 leads 47812 in multi through Bath in the early evening working from Salisbury to Mossley Hill. The loco's departed Salisbury with 812 leading, but were swapped at Westbury due to a 'DSD fault' on 812. Despite leaving Westbury 45 minutes late, the train was early at its destination after a good run up the 'Marches' route.
    Photo Copyright: Mike Musty

    _ Saturday 21/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245 + 47854=1Z58 0620 Leicester-Crewe(245 to Nottingham, 854 Notts-Crewe via Stoke/ ECS Crewe-Cardiff(245?)/ 1Z59 1835 Newport-Leicester(854 from Newport-Notts, 245 dead on rear, 245 forward from Nottingham).
  • 47401=1625 from Butterley with D182.
  • 47596=1015/ 1300/ 1515 departures from Dereham, and returns.
  • 47640=rear 0900 Shackerstone-Shenton(31101)/ 0930 Shenton-Shackerstone/ 1500 Shackerstone-Shenton(31130 on rear)/ rear 1530 Shenton-Shackerstone(31101+31130)/ 1600 Shackerstone-Shenton(73114 on rear)/ rear 1630 Shenton-Shackerstone(73114)/ 1830 Shenton-Shackerstone(xxxxx on rear).
  • 47805 + 47839 t'n't=1Z42 0655 Stratford-Durham(839)/ ECS Durham-Heaton(839)/ 5Z44 1634 Heaton-Durham(805)/ 1Z44 1706 Durham-Stratford(805 to Selby, 839 to Stratford - 805 developed a TPWS fault near Copmanthorpe).
  • 47812 + 47853 t'n't=1Z91 0714 Mossley Hill-Salisbury(812)/ 1Z92 1630 Salisbury-Mossley Hill(812+853 in multi,swapped places at Westbury).
  • 47851 + 57601 t'n't=1Z21 0544 Mills Hill-Ely(851 throughout)/ 1Z22 1242 Ely-Great Yarmouth(57601 to Norwich/851 to Yarmouth via Acle)/ 1Z23 1728 Great Yarmouth-Norwich(via Reedham, 57601 to Norwich, 47851 to Mills Hill).

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • Sunday;
    47596 is booked to work three round trips from Dereham at 1015, 1300 and 1515.
    47640 0900 Shackerstone-Shenton(with 31101)/ 0930 Shenton-Shackerstone, 1500 Shackerstone-Shenton.
    47401 1255 and 1625 departures from Butterley.
  • 47813 and 47828 returned from Old Oak Comon to Norwich yesterday as the Ashford to Chester tour for today was cancelled.
  • Because the Mills Hill-Great Yarmouth wasn't allowed around Norwich's Wensum Curve, 47851 worked the majority of the charter!
  • 47640 worked the 1600 Shackerstone-Shenton as 37227 had failed.

    thanks for todays news to:

    Big Bird, Ernie, Jeff47600, Sidcup Ginge, Spin, Bob Spooner, Simon Travers, RW.

    _ Friday 20/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245 + 47854=5Z58 1025 Old Oak Common-Derby(245).
  • 47501=dead in tow behind 66415 on 0Z47 0800 Crewe-Carlisle Kingmoor.
  • 47703=5N43 1220 Loughborough-Neville Hill (with 43306).
  • 47805 + 47839=5Z41 Old Oak Common-East Ham.
  • 47810=5Z86 Loughborough-Landore (with 43126), south through Barnt Green at 1650.
  • 47811=0Z55 0630 Basford Hall-Fiddlers Ferry/ 6Z55 0940 Fiddlers Ferry-Garston.
  • 47828=1P01 0510 Norwich-Liverpool Street/ 0Z47 1015 Liverpool Street-Old Oak Common, to collect 47813 (which had flat batteries).
  • 47828 + 47813=0N47 1500 Old Oak Common-Norwich Crown Point.
  • 47840=5Z70 1300 Old Oak Common-Ilford.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47237=Haverton Hill. 47769=CreweLNWR(OOS - repairs almost complete). 47815=Old Oak Common?(B2 exam). 47843=CreweLNWR(on jacks for gearcase repairs). 47848=CreweLNWR(N/ESD - under repair).


    thanks for todays news to:

    Ray, Spin, Lee Kenny, AN, Dorian Porter.

    _ Thursday 19/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245 + 47854=0Z47 (0920) Carnforth-Old Oak Common via WCML(854).
  • 47703 + 47810 on rear=HST power car move (43128) from ??? to Loughborough.
  • 47812 + 47815=5Z91 1030 Old Oak Common-Crewe LNWR via WCML(812).
  • 47828 (not 818)=5P38 Ingatestone-Norwich (after 1500 London-Norwich was cancelled, 90014 on rear).

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • 47488 was moved by 47854 to Carnforth yesterday (as a loco for sale by GVA Grimley this is likely to be for store with the other GVA Grimley loco's that are there - 145, 355, 709, 712).
  • WNXX.com suggests that 47787 is heading to Carnforth to join the WCRC fleet.
  • 47829 has moved from the RTLO to XHSS pool, although ownership of the loco changed from Riviera to DRS last year. Earlier this week it was still at Crewe DMD.
  • 47635 and 47727 (both at Eastleigh owned by SECO Rail) are now MBDL pool, previously WNTR.
  • Station times for rail-tours this weekend have been added on a seperate printable page, click here to see them (will open in a new browser window), likely loco's for these tours are:
    1Z21 47851/ 57601
    1Z58 47245/ 47854
    1Z86 47813/ 47818
    1Z42 47805/ 47839
    1Z91 47812/ 47853 (847 if not 853 as 853 is on a B exam).

    thanks for todays news to:

    Ben, DBT, Nick Ling, AN, Steve Tucker.

    _ Wednesday 18/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47714=5F74 1429 Gloucester Horton Road-St Phillips Marsh (with 6336)/ 0Z80 St Phillips Marsh-Gloucester Horton Road (alone).
  • 47810=0F74 Laira-Bristol Temple Meads.
  • 47818=0W03 Colchester-Shenfield/ light to London/ 1P62 1930 London Liverpool Street-Norwich.
  • 47830=0Z20 Rugby-Wolverton Carriage Sidings/ ???/ hauled 66617/585/583 north through Nuneaton at 2110.
  • 47854=0Z47 Derby-Carnforth via Barrow Hill, where it collected 47488.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47150=Crewe LNWR(OOS). 47237=York. 47805/812/815/839=Old Oak Common. 47811=Basford Hall. 47830=Mossend. 47841=Dagenham Dock(OOS). 47843/847/848/853=CreweLNWR.


  • Barry Island Railway Diesel Group report that the engine on 47768 was successfully fired up for the first time in preservation - yesterday, although there are still a few faults to solve before it can be moved under its own power.
  • A DRS 47, which is likely (at the moment) to be 47237, will be going to the June gala at the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

    thanks for todays news to:

    DBT, Spin, Mick Hirst, Gary Price, Martin Spriggs.

    _ Tuesday 17/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47810=0F69 xxxx Gloucester-Eastleigh Railcare/ 5Z69 xxxx Eastleigh Railcare-Southampton Eastern Docks/ 0F80 1805 Southampton Eastern Docks-Gloucester.
  • 47854=2Z01 0930 Cheltenham-Llanelli/ 2Z02 1408 Llanelli-Cheltenham(with inspection saloon on both moves).

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47237=York. 47830=Garston.


    thanks for todays news to:

    Dave Earwaker, Phil Precious, Paul Smith, Mark Thomas.

    _ Monday 16/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47237=0Z47 1100 York-Haverton Hill.
  • 47245 + 57601=5Z74 1051 Ferme Park-Carnforth(245, seen at Peterborough).
  • 47810=0Z45 1346 BTM-Loughborough/ 5Z46 1800 Loughborough-Landore (with 43124 + 43136).
  • 47812 + 47815=5Z48 1003 Norwich-Old Oak Common(815 throughout, via Greenford).
  • 47818=0W03 1441 Colchester-Shenfield.
  • 47840=5Z47 1130 Gloucester-Landore (with 43088 + 43185)/ 5Z70 1440 Landore-Old Oak Common.
  • 47851 + 47854=5Z23 Holyhead-Carnforth(851through Bangor at 1040, to Crewe? 854 to Carnforth?).
  • 47854=0Z01 1344 Chester-Derby RTC.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • 47270 was on the pit at Basford Hall on Saturday and Sunday, the loco has now passed its fitness exam to be towed by rail and is ready for a move to the Nene Valley Railway.

    13/04/07: 47839 shunts into Canterbury West before 1Z70. 47805 was on the other end of the train, which hauled all the passenger sections of the working.
    Photo Copyright: D1839

    14/04/07: 47812 and 47815 in Norwich Low Level Sidings before the NENTA tour.
    Photo Copyright: Steve Goodrum

    14/04/07: 47812, Norwich Low Level Sidings.
    Photo Copyright: Steve Goodrum

    14/04/07: 47815 at Narborough on the NENTA charter.
    Photo Copyright: Jack Mills

    14/04/07: 47847 on the rear of 1Z41 (0559 Preston-Minehead), at Bredicott.
    Photo Copyright: Steve Tucker

    14/04/07: 47853 at Bishops Lydeard.
    Photo Copyright: Shaun C

    14/04/07: 47853 runs round the train at Minehead, to join 47847 on the other end of the train.
    Photo Copyright: Mouse

    14/04/07: 47847 and 47853 at Minehead.
    Photo Copyright: Mouse

    14/04/07: 47853 and 47847 at Minehead.
    Photo Copyright: Mouse

    14/04/07: 47851 at Bangor hauling the Holyhead-Stratford on Avon charter.
    Two Photo's Copyright: Eifion Hughes

    14/04/07: Two views of 47851 at Stratford on Avon.
    Two Photo's Copyright: D1856

    14/04/07: 47854 was the other loco on the train, seen also at Stratford on Avon.
    Photo Copyright: D1856

    15/04/07: Three views of the remains of DRS's 47298 at Barrow Hill!
    Three Photo's Copyright: Martian

    15/04/07: Ex Fragonset 47488 at Barrow Hill, with 20904, being shunted by 20121.
    Photo Copyright: Martian

    15/04/07: 47780 still remains at Barrow Hill.
    Photo Copyright: Martian

    thanks for todays news to:

    Martian, Strands, Neil Boden, Keith Webber.

    _ Sunday 15/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • 47832 noted at Barrow Hill, untouched since the photo shown of it last week. 47488 was seen being shunted at Barrow Hill, and 47780 remained there too.

    thanks for todays news to:


    07/04/07: 47853 leads 1Z41 0559 Preston-Minehead at Bredicott, Worcestershire (847 was on the rear). The train was diverted via Hednesford and Cannock following overhead line damage closing the Penkridge to Wolverhampton route, the train being 20 minutes late on arrival at Bishops Lydeard. The West Somerset Railway decided to hold the tour at Bishops Lydeard, costing it a further 70 minutes by Minehead as it staggered the rest of the way behind a steam service (despite arriving at Bishops Lydeard 15 minutes before the steam service was due to depart).
    Photo Copyright: Steve Tucker

    _ Saturday 14/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245 + 57601 top'n'tail=see news.
  • 47812 + 47815=1Z47 0547 Norwich-Llandrindod Wells(812 to Ipswich, 815 to Shrewsbury via BNS, then 812)/ return 815 leading to Shrewsbury, then 812 leading.
  • 47813=5C99 last night?
  • 47840=5Z72 0640 Derby Litchurch Lane-Laira hauling refurbished mk3's.
  • 47847 + 47853=1Z41 0559 Preston-Minehead via Hednesford and BNS(853 throughout)/ 1Z42 1650 Minehead-Preston via BNS and Wolves (853+847 in multi).
  • 47851 + 47854=1Z22 0700 Holyhead-Stratford on Avon(851)/ 1Z23 1711 Stratford on Avon-Holyhead (854 throughout?).

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47703/810=Bristol Temple Meads. 47732/770/773=Tyseley. 47830=Basford Hall.


  • 47245 was seen today at the rear of a railtour at Perth station with 57601 on the front, which had taken over at Perth on this steam charter (1Z71 from Inverness - Perth - London).

    thanks for todays news to:

    47559, D1856, Big Bird, Mouse, Richard Birse, Steve Goodrum, Callum Hayes, Eifion Hughes, Nick Ling, Jack Mills, James Power, Steve Tucker.

    _ Friday 13/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47805 + 47839 top'n'tail=5Z69 0515 Old Oak Common-Peterborough/ 1Z69 Peterborough-Canterbury West(805)/ 1Z70 Canterbury West-Peterborough via Kent Coast loop(805)/ 5Z70 2305 Peterborough-Old Oak Common.
  • 47812 + 47815 top'n'tail=5Zxx Old Oak Common-Norwich (812 to Acton, 815 forward?).
  • 47813=5A40 last night/ hauled HST empties from Paddington-Old Oak Common around tea time/ 5C99 tonight.
  • 47840=5Z71 0100 Laira-Old Oak Common (left very late on Thursday evening).
  • 47847 + 47853 top'n'tail=5Zxx Crewe-Preston(847).
  • 47851 + 47854 top'n'tail=5Z22 0831 Carnforth-Holyhead (851 to Crewe? 854 to Holyhead?).

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47840=Old Oak Common(1215).


  • 47851 was seen leading a test run hauling 47854, 57601 and four ex FM Rail mk2 FO's, from Carnforth to Crewe and back (on the outward run it was hauling 854 only, the rest were picked up at Crewe). 47851 and 47854 should be in use on the Green Express charter FROM Holyhead this weekend.
  • 47826's fire was caused by a traction motor blower - which caught fire, and it will return to service in the near future. It was moved south from Beattock by a steam loco which was running light from Scotland earlier in the week.
  • A 'Steamy Affairs' charter TO Holyhead this weekend, which was advertised as steam from Crewe to Holyhead and back, will be 47's throughout to Holyhead.
  • 47813 may have been used on empty stock moves for the sleeper at Paddington last night/this morning. 47840 worked the empties on Weds night/Thurs morning.
  • 47596 will not be running this weekend, it should be running next Sat/Sun though (21st/22nd).

    thanks for todays news to:

    D1839, Dan, DBT, Andy Cleaver, AN, Craig Stretten, Keith Webber.

    _ Thursday 12/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245=0Z44 0719 Inverness-Georgemas Jct.
  • 47813=0F70 0905 Norwich Crown Point-Old Oak Common/ sleeper ECS pm???.
  • 47818=0F03 0451 Norwich Crown Point-Colchester.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:


  • Friday's Hertfordshire Pullman = Peterborough - Canterbury should run with 47805 and 47839.
  • Saturday's NENTA = Norwich - Llandrindod Wells with 47812 and 47815
    Compass Tours = Preston - Minehead with 47847 & 47853
    Railway Touring Company = Perth - Kings Cross should have 47245.
  • On Sunda, 47117 will work the 1215 and 1415 return trips from Loughborough.
  • 47727 has reported to have been running at Eastleigh.
  • As many may have seen, 47402 on Tuesday starred in the BBC1 series 'Life on Mars' which was set in 1973. Filmed at the East Lancashire Railway, 402 was involved with some filiming in which the train was carrying the main cast to a quarry with a robbery occuring along the way at Summerseat Tunnel. Beforehand, there was even some (brief) clag footage at Bury Bolton Street.
  • Other reports from recent days will be added as time permits.
  • I mentioned on Tuesday that 47733/34/37 no longer exist on TOPS records, the same applies to WCRC's 47776/786/792.

    thanks for todays news to:

    Spin, Simon H, Keith Webber.

    _ Tuesday 10/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245=0Z93 xxxx Glasgow-Inverness.
  • 47854 + 57601=5Z43 xxxx Derby-Carnforth.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47237 XHNC Scarborough, 47501 XHNC Crewe Gresty Bridge, 47802 XHNC Gresty Bridge, 47703 CRRH Port Talbot, 47805 RTLO Old Oak Common, 47810 CRRH Port Talbot, 47811 DFLH Basford Hall, 47812 RTLO Old Oak Common, 47813 CRRH Coclehster, 47815 RTLO Old Oak Common, 47816 DFLH Mossend, 47818 CRRH Norwich Crown Point, 47830 DFLH Garston, 47832 VWLO Barrow Hill, 47839 RTLO Old Oak Common, 47840 EFOO Old Oak Common, 47843 RTLO Crewe LNWR, 47847 RTLO Crewe LNWR, 47848 RTLO Crewe LNWR, 47853 RTLO Crewe LNWR.

    loco's out of service (that would normally be in use):
    47150 (DFLH) at Crewe LNWR, arrived from Basford Hall on 10/02/07, N/CLK (awaiting parts for repairs)
    47200 (CRRH) at Gloucester Horton Road, N/100 (awaiting repairs).
    47298 (XHSS) at Barrow Hill, arrived on 0Z37 at 1505 20/01/07, N/410 (withdrawn, stripped - anyone have a photo of this at BH?)
    47714 (CRRH) at Gloucester, arrived on 5A25 29/01/07 - N/510 (awaiting repairs)
    47769 (RTLO) at Crewe LNWR, arrived on '0Z00' 19/01/07, OOS since 07/12/06 - N/190
    47826 (MBDL) at Beattock, since 07/04/07.
    47828 (CRRH/ADFL) at Norwich Crown Point, arrived on 0Z67 at 1525 02/04/07 - N/COL
    47841 (DFLH) at Dagenham Dock Yard, arrived on 0Z47 at 1335 23/11/06, exp OK '25/12' - N/SPT
    47851 (MBDL) at Carnforth, arrived on 0Z47 at 1930 03/04/07, N/LOP

    location of loco's stored, withdrawn or sold:
    47033 CROL Glouceser
    47145 MBDL Carnforth (owned by GVA Grimley)
    47194 MBDL Carnforth (owned by WCRC)
    47316 CRRH Oxley
    47338 CROL Doncaster West Yard
    47355 MBDL Carnforth, arrived on 0Z47 at 1930 03/04/07, OOS since 11/09/06 (stored unserviceable, owned by GVA Grimley)
    47363 SDXL Carnforth (owned by WCRC, for spares)
    47368 SDXL Carnforth (owned by WCRC, for spares)
    47375 MBDL Derby RTC
    47475 WNZX Healey Mills Yard
    47484 MBDL preserved
    47488 MBDL Barrow Hill (owned by GVA Grimley)
    47489 SDXL Carnforth (owned by WCRC, for spares)
    47492 MBDL Carnforth (owned by Mike Gadd)
    47525 SDXL Carnforth (owned by WCRC, for spares)
    47526 SDXL Carnforth (owned by WCRC, for spares)
    47528 CRUR Doncaster Works
    47575 RTLS Bury ELR
    47635 WNTR Eastleigh (owned by SECO Rail)
    47701 MBDL Kineton (owned by Tracy Lear)
    47709 MBDL Carnforth (owned by GVA Grimley)
    47712 MBDL Carnforth (owned by GVA Grimley)
    47715 MBDL York NRM (owned by Cotswold Rail)
    47727 WNTR Eastleigh (owned by SECO Rail)
    47732 WNTR Tyseley (for preservation)
    47736 WNXX Crewe DMD
    47739 WNSS Motherwell Wagon Repair Depot
    47741 WNXX Toton Paint Shop
    47742 WNXX Toton Paint Shop
    47746 WNTR Crewe DMD (for preservation)
    47747 WNTR Millerhill
    47749 WNXX Kingsbury
    47750 WNXX Kingsbury
    47758 WNXX Toton Paint Shop
    47759 WNXX Crewe DMD
    47760 WNTR Carnforth (for WCRC)
    47761 WNTR Margam Engine Shed (for 47401 Project, preservation spares)
    47770 WNXX preserved (has left Bescot)
    47772 WNTR Margam (for preservation?)
    47773 WNXX Tyseley (for preservation)
    47776 xxxx Carnforth (for WCRC)
    47780 SDXL Barrow Hill (for scrap?)
    47782 WNXX Thomsons of Stockton scrapyard (moved from Old Oak this month)
    47783 WNXX Crewe DMD
    47784 WNXX Crewe DMD
    47785 WNTR Motherwell Wagon Repair Depot
    47786 xxxx Carnforth (for WCRC)
    47787 WNXX Healey Mills Yard
    47790 XHSS Gresty Bridge, arrived on 0Z33 at 1553 27/03/07, awaiting transfer to Carlisle Kingmoor
    47791 WNXX Saltley
    47792 xxxx Carnforth (for WCRC)
    47793(WNTR)Mangapps Farm in Essex (preservation, moved there this month)
    47798 MBDL Carnforth (owned by NRM)
    47799 WNXX Ferrybridge
    47829 RTLO Crewe DMD
    47972 SDXL Carnforth (owned by WCRC, for spares)


  • Yesterdays news has been updated, and workings for 47802 over the weekend have been corrected.
  • List of various loco pools and locations later.
    47733/34/37 no longer exist on TOPS records.

    thanks for todays news to:


    07/04/07: 47802 again as the leading photo, but at Kyle of Lochalsh on the Blue Pullman.
    Photo Copyright: Roddy MacPhee

    09/04/07: 47780 at Barrow Hill, waiting to be moved away.
    Two Photo's Copyright: Martian

    09/04/07: 47832 at Barrow Hill, with FM Rail logo removed. It will receive the Victa Westlink logo at some point.
    Photo Copyright: Martian

    _ Monday 09/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 37229 + 47802 dead in tow(how long had it been in tow?)=1Z19 0815 Inverness-Kings Cross to York.
  • 47245=followed 10 minutes behind a steam special (46233 on the 'Great Britain') from Preston to the Glasgow area, passed Shap summit light at 1545.
  • 47805=1Z19 Inverness-Kings Cross from York.
  • 47812 + 47839 top'n'tail=5Zxx Marylebone-???.
  • 47854 + 57601 top'n'tail=1Z41 0624 Spondon-Sellafield via Chesterfield and Man Picc(854)/ 1Z42 1619 Sellafield-Spondon(57601).

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47237=York NRM.


    07/04/07: A cropped view from a larger image of 47826 smoking from it's number 1 end. In this view, you can see smoke coming from its roof vents - leading to reports of a main generator fire. White smoke is more likely to be an electrical fire, which could suggest a traction motor fire.
    Photo Copyright: 47559

    07/04/07: The fire brigade finishing off their job, 826 still smoking lightly from the number 1 end. Three people are inspecting one of the bogies, which would back up the posibility of this being a traction motor fire.
    Photo Copyright: Andrew Mc Donald

    06/04/07: 47802 at York, again with 37229.
    Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

    07/04/07: 47802 at Kyle of Lochalsh following its arrival from York.
    Photo Copyright: Roddy MacPhee

    07/04/07: 47805 brings the stock into York for 1Z18, 47802's train to Kyle of Lochalsh.
    Photo Copyright: Phil Precious

    07/04/07: 47805 then stayed at York, photographed at 1300.
    Photo Copyright: Simon Travers

    07/04/07: 47839 arriving at Shrewsbury on the Paddington-Llandudno.
    Photo Copyright: Keith Webber

    07/04/07: I mentioned on Sunday the small numbers on 47812 - here you can see them under one cab...
    Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

    07/04/07: Another view (with an enlargement in the frame).
    Photo Copyright: Gwyn Williams

    07/04/07: 47812 at Llandudno, this worked the charter from Paddington to Southall and Chester to Llandudno, 47839 did the rest.
    Photo Copyright: Mouse

    07/04/07: 47839 at Llandudno.
    Photo Copyright: Mouse

    07/04/07: 47839 after arriving back into London, at Marylebone.
    Photo Copyright: Mouse

    07/04/07: 47812 after arrival back at Marylebone, 839 had hauled it and the charter all the way back from Llandudno.
    Photo Copyright: Mouse

    07/04/07: 47854 at Perth after working the Green Express charter from Sheffield via the WCML.
    Photo Copyright: Dave Hall

    07/04/07: 47826 at Perth.
    Photo Copyright: Dave Hall

    08/04/07: 47772 at Margam has been moved to the new small shed there, probably so it can be prepared for a move by rail to its new home.
    Photo Copyright: Russell Evans

    Photo Copyright: Roddy MacPhee

    08/04/07: After running round its train at Georgemas Junction, 802 waits for the 1Z23 run to Inverness.
    Photo Copyright: Roddy MacPhee

    08/04/07: Three views of 47812 at London Marylebone.
    Three Photo's Copyright: Mouse

    08/04/07: 47839 at Marylebone.
    Photo Copyright: Mouse

    09/04/07: Due to 47826's incident on Saturday, 854 was partnered by (the seemingly often omnipresent) 57601 - this was another Green Express charter, from Spondon to Sellafield which was worked outward entirely by 47854 - photographed at Millom. This was 20 minutes late by Preston and unfortunately got stuck behind a passenger service and was 50 minutes late when photographed.
    Photo Copyright: 47703

  • From the Bodmin Diesel Group: "The Sapper (47306) has been worked on almost continuously since it's arrival and a start up is rapidly approaching. An AVR is currently being sourced as the previous one is sadly no longer there! "The Sapper" has had her batteries topped up, and is being slowly charged and drained to excite the batteries. After a longer charge we were relieved to be able to power the locos lights for nearly two hours proving that the charge is being held. The Generator has been inspected and cleaned. The loco once again was barred over and the exhausters run. Oil levels are being topped up and it is hoped that once HNRC send down an AVR we can fit it and attempt the locos first start in about 4 years!"

    thanks for todays news to:

    Big Bird, Russ Evans, Sam Felce, Roddy MacPhee, AN, Simon Travers, Martin Weeks.

    _ Sunday 08/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47802=1Z22 0820 Inverness-Georgemas Junction/ 1Z23 1757 Georgemas Jct-Inverness.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47245=Bristol. 47812/839=Marylebone.


  • Reported yesterday - the purchase of 47761 by the 47401 Project: this is true although the loco will is to be a spares source only (bogies possibly for 47417).
    On the subject of 47401, it was started up yesterday so it should be available for the forthcoming diesel gala.
  • 47402's turns on Fri/Sat were in place of 47575 which is currently unavailable at Bury.
  • Reported in Railways Illustrated magazine is the likely acquisition of 47732 by the Stratford 47 Group.
  • 47245 was today following the Great Britain Railtour light engine from Bristol-Preston through Hereford at 1440.
  • More details on 826 yesterday: 826 had hauled 1Z34 from Perth and was halted at Abingtno Up Loop because of smoke coming from 826. 854 then pushed the train to Beattock Summit Up Loop where the fire brigade attended to 826 - which was later dumped in the Up Defective Wagon Siding at Beattock, with 854 working the train onto Sheffield 197 minutes late, arriving 168 late at Sheffield.
    57601 has been moved from Bristol today to replace 826 for the Spondon-Sellafield charter on Monday, which will partner 854.

    47826 above, after being removed from the train at Beattock.
    Photo Copyright: Dave Hall
  • More photo's from the weekend to be added on Monday afternoon.

    thanks for todays news to:

    47559, Gordon Glossop, Callum Hayes, Mark Jackson, AK, Roddy MacPhee, RS, Steve Tucker.

    _ Saturday 07/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47245 + 57601=Paddington?-Penzance(57601)/ light Penzance(?) to Bristol (through Exeter at 1645).
  • 47402=0950 Bury-Rawtenstall/ 1040 Rawtenstall-Heywood/ 1155 Heywood-Rawtenstall/ 1310 Rawtenstall-Heywood/ 1425 Heywood-Rawtenstall/ 1540 Rawtenstall-Heywood/ 1650 Heywood-Ramsbottom/ 1755 Ramsbottom-Bury.
  • 47802 + 37229 (37 leading, in tandem)=1Z20 0722 Inverness-Kyle/
  • 47802 + 37229 (top'n'tail, 37229 on front, 802 assisting from rear)=1Z21 1600 Kyle-Inverness.
  • 47812 + 47839 top'n'tail=1Z27 0707 Paddington-Llandudno(812 to Southall,839 to Chester,then 812)/ 1Z28 1605 Llandudno-Marylebone(!)(839 throughout).
  • 47826 + 47854 top'n'tail=1Z32 xxxx Sheffield-Perth(854)/ 1Z34 xxxx Perth-Sheffield (826 to Abington Up Loop, 854 pushed to Beattock - then ran round and hauled train after leaving 826 at Beattock).
  • 47840=5Z77 0720 Bristol-Laira (with 43140 and 43029)/ 5F70 1013 Laira-Old Oak Common (buffet car in tow).

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47805=remained at York.


  • I am told that 47761 has been secured from Raxstar for the 47401 Group, and it is intended to move to Butterley in the near futune.

    05/04/07: Another view of 47802 hauling 37229, at Broomhaugh - between Hexham and Newcastle.
    Photo Copyright: Yoshi

    06/04/07: 47402 (x 3) on the East Lancs Railway on Good Friday, in the last photo it carries a 'The North Wales Coast Express' headboard.
    Three Photo's Copyright: Richard Boyd

    06/04/07: 47810 and 47703 stabled at Port Talbot Up Sidings.
    Photo Copyright: Jeff47600

    07/04/07: 47805 storms through Retford with the continuation of the Blue Pullman trip to Scotland.
    Photo Copyright: Nick Green

    07/04/07: 47812 leads 1Z67 to Llandudno at Abergele.
    Photo Copyright: Darryl

    06/04/07: 47839 on the rear of 47812's train.
    Photo Copyright: Darryl

    07/04/07: 47812 arrives at Llandudno town.
    Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

    07/04/07: Just to prove where it is...! I mentioned the other day that 47812 only carries its TOPS number in small numbers, you can see it in this photo (honest!) - yes it's the white dot beneath the right hand side cab door hand-rail! The TOPS date panel also has the full number '47812' rather than just '47/4' as would be expected.
    Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

    07/04/07: 47839 awaiting the return to (unusually) London Marylebone, at Llandudno. For anyone wondering about the fitting of 'data recorders' to class 47's (these must be fitted by later this year otherwise a loco/train will not be permitted to operate on Network Rail track) - the only visible change resulting from the equipment being fitted is the orange box in the second-mans side cab window (a box for the driver to enter details such as the train reporting code).
    Photo Copyright: Eifion Hughes

    07/04/07: 47826 on the rear of a Green Express' Sheffield-Perth. 47854 was at the other end as the train picked up passengers at Accrington station. 826 has suffered a fire of some sort on the return working, no further info known - other than the expected attendance of the fire brigade (as at 19:50).
    Photo Copyright: Shaun C

    07/04/07: In April, two photo's of 47292 and 47270 at Crewe Basford Hall. Of course both are now preserved, with 292 off to the Great Central Railway on the 12th, and 270 already having arrived (this week) at the Nene Valley Railway.
    Photo Copyright: Steve Turner

    xx/04/07: 47303 and 47292 at Basford Hall.
    Photo Copyright: Steve Turner

    thanks for todays news to:

    JBC, The Mole, Paul RSG, Spin, Brian Battersby, Gordon Glossop, Nick Green, David Hall, Callum Hayes, Phil Precious, Simon Travers.

    04/04/07: 47840 at Wigston hauling 5Z70 from Old Oak Common to Derby. The only likely time this will appear on a passenger working this year will be the day its handed over to the West Somerset Railway later in the year, when it works one way to Minehead on a charter.
    Photo Copyright: Jack Mills

    _ Friday 06/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47402=0950 Bury-Rawtenstall/ 1040 Rawtenstall-Heywood/ 1155 Heywood-Rawtenstall/ 1310 Rawtenstall-Heywood/ 1425 Heywood-Rawtenstall/ 1540 Rawtenstall-Heywood/ 1650 Heywood-Ramsbottom/ 1755 Ramsbottom-Bury.
  • 47703 + 47810=0Z47 Gloucester-Port Talbot Up Siding.
  • 47802 + 37229 (in tandem, 37229 leading)=1Z18 0805 Kings Cross-Falkirk Grahamston/ 5Z19 1623 Falkirk Grahamston-Stirling via Mossend/ 1Z19 1817 Stirling-Inverness.
  • 47805=1Z18 Kings Cross-York.
  • 47839=0Z18 Kings Cross-Old Oak Common.

    locations and standbys and other fleet bits:
    47145 MBDL Carnforth (Out Of Service)
    47150 DFLH Crewe LNWR (OOS)
    47194 MBDL Carnforth (OOS)
    47200 CRRH Gloucester Horton Road
    47237 XHNC York
    47245 MBDL Old Oak Common
    47298 XHSS Barrow Hill (withdrawn and stripped)
    47316 CRRH Oxley (OOS)
    47355 MBDL Carnforth (OOS)
    47375 MBDL Derby RTC (OOS)
    47488 MBDL Barrow Hill (OOS)
    47492 MBDL Carnforth (OOS)
    47501 XHNC Gresty Bridge (with 47790)
    47575 RTLS East Lancs Railway
    47643 MBDL Bo'ness
    47701 MBDL Kineton (OOS)
    47709 MBDL Carnforth (OOS)
    47712 MBDL Carnforth (OOS)
    47714 CRRH Gloucester (OOS)
    47715 MBDL York NRM (OOS, sold to Cotswold Rail)
    47769 RTLO Crewe LNWR (OOS)
    47790 XHSS Gresty Bridge (OOS, with 47501)
    47798 MBDL Carnforth (OOS)
    47802 XHNC York
    47811 DFLH Basford Hall
    47812 RTLO Old Oak Common
    47813 CRRH Norwich station
    47815 RTLO Old Oak Common
    47816 DFLH Mossend
    47818 CRRH Norwich Crown Point
    47826 MBDL Carnforth
    47828 CRRH Norwich Crown Point (OOS)
    47829 RTLO Crewe LNWR (OOS)
    47830 DFLH Basford Hall
    47832 VWLO Barrow Hill
    47840 ???
    47841 DFLH Dagenham Dock Yard (OOS)
    47843 RTLO Crewe LNWR
    47847 RTLO Crewe LNWR
    47848 RTLO Crewe LNWR
    47851 MBDL Carnforth
    47853 RTLO Crewe LNWR
    47854 MBDL Carnforth


  • 47840 is to work on Saturday; at roughly 1000 from Bristol with barrier vehicles to Laira to collect two HST buffet trailers, leaving Laira at 1430 to Old Oak Common.
    It should then have a break until Weds 11th, when it will take two buffet vehicles Bombardier at Ilford, 840 will then go to Laira with the barrier vehicles to take a full HST carriage set on Thurs 12th to Ilford to collect two buffet cars and taking the whole set then to Derby before returning with another set to Laira and returning light to Old Oak Common on 13th.
  • A Cotswold Rail 47 should be taking two HST power cars from Laira to Loughborough on Thurs 12th, returning with re-engined 43124/136 to Landore on Friday 13th.
  • WCRC are reported to have purchased ex Fragonset 47363, 368, 489, 525, 526 and 972 (all already stored at Carnforth) for spares.
    03/04/07: 47854 hauls 47355 and 47851 passed Winwick Junction on the way to Carnforth.
    Photo Copyright: Joe Gornall

    05/04/07: At Carlisle on 0Z17 0950 Carlisle Kingmoor-Heaton, 47802 hauling 37229.
    Photo Copyright: Chris Pope

    thanks for todays news to:

    D1010, Jeff47600, Paul, Spin, Steve Goodrum, AN.

    _ Thursday 05/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47237=0Z37 xxxx Carlisle Kingmoor-York.
  • 47802 + 37229=0Z17 0950 Kingmoor-Heaton.
  • 47818=1P04 0625 London Liverpool Street-Norwich from Colchester.
  • 57601 + 47245=5Z71 0932 Carnforth-Old Oak Common(57601).

    locations and standbys:


    thanks for todays news to:

    Yoshi, Steve Goodrum, AN, Chris Pope.

    _ Wednesday 04/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47816=northbound light through Hest Bank at 1244.
  • 47840=5Z70 Old Oak Common-Derby.
  • 47854=0Zxx (0845) Carnforth-Healey Mills/ picked up 47750 (any others? 732 and 773???) - light Healey Mills-Tyseley/ light alone Tyseley-Carnforth.

    locations and standbys:


    thanks for todays news to:

    M.Hirst, Jack Mills, AN.

    _ Tuesday 03/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47237=0Z43 Kingmoor–Hartlepool/ 0Z44 Hartlepool–Kingmoor (route learner).
  • 47703=freight move, arrived at Old Oak Common before midday.
  • 47703 + 47635=0Z10 Old Oak Common-Wembley Yard.
  • 47703 + 47635 + 47727=0Y69 Wembley Yard-Eastleigh.
  • 47840=.
  • 47851=5Z47 0828 Carnforth-DerbyRTC, required assistance from 47854 by the time it got to Preston.
  • 47854 + 47851=moved 47355 from Derby-Carnforth to join 145/709/712.

    locations and standbys:
    47813/828=Norwich(unavailable, both suffered minor damage in a shunting mishap).


    thanks for todays news to:

    47417, Michael, Spin, AN.

    _ Monday 02/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47793=seen on a low loader in Basildon on A127 this afternoon.
  • 47802=light engine east 1010 at Darlington towards Peterborough, returned at 1330.
  • 47810=5Z45 1200 Swansea Landore-Brush Loughborough.
  • 47812 + 47815=5Z49 1010 Norwich-Old Oak Common(815).
  • 47813 + 47828=0Z67 1300 East Ham-Norwich.
  • 47816=light north through Toton 1133.
  • 47840=5F70 Laira-Old Oak Common (with two coaches and an HST power car).
  • 57601 + 47854=0Zxx Old Oak Common???-Carnforth(57601 leading through Preston at 1455).

    locations and standbys:
    47818=Colchester,at Shenfield by 1700.


  • Further outings for 47596 (due to unavailability of a DMU) on the Mid Norfolk Railway:
    Friday 6th - 47596 (top'n'tail with 31438)
    Sunday 15th - 47596
    Saturday 21st - 47596 (Green Express tour also arriving at Wymondham on this date
    Saturday 28th - 47596

    02/04/07: 47815 hauls the Norwich-Old Oak Common ECS (5Z49) at Lakenham. 47812 was on the rear.
    Photo Copyright: Steve Goodrum

    02/04/07: 47854 takes a break on its way home, 57601 hauling it from London to Carnforth at Preston Fylde Junction.
    Photo Copyright: Shaun C

    thanks for todays news to:

    Matt, Sid, Tim Casterton, Steve Goodrum, Neil Jones, Nick Ling, Simon Oldroyd, James Steward, James Welham.

    _ Sunday 01/04/07 _

    allocations and confirmed workings:

  • 47596=1015 from Dereham etc...

    locations and standbys:


  • 47150 was seen at Crewe LNWR on Thursday, it would seem that it IS to be repaired... although it is waiting for various parts to arrive before repairs can start.

    thanks for todays news to:

    Barry Mounsey, James Steward.

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